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The Roc-Star Group is an innovative and progressive family-oriented business which provides construction services ranging from resource road planning and construction, heavy civil works such as hydroelectric developments to specialty services such as urban blasting, rock scaling and danger tree removal.

We believe that our employees and partners come first and are our single most important asset. Owner Bill Coates has worked hard over the years to build a strong team that shares the company’s values and is committed to delivering your project in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.


Roc-Star Group, a group of companies consisting of Star Contracting Ltd, Roc-Star Enterprises Ltd and Roc-Tire Ltd, dates back to 1978 when Star Contracting Ltd was incorporated and held its first contract with MacMillan Bloedel in TFL 44 on Vancouver Island.

In 2009, Roc-Star Enterprises Ltd was incorporated and contracted by municipal and provincial entities to carry out road construction and maintenance work.

In 2010, Roc-Tire Ltd was formed to become a trusted vendor for off-road tires supplying the Vancouver Island forest sector. In the same year, Star Contracting Ltd became an official vendor for Austin Powder supplying central Vancouver Island with explosives.

In the following years, Roc-Star Group acquired Bill 13 rights for TFL 44 (Port Alberni) and the West Coast of Vancouver Island and holds contracts with BC Timber Sales, various First Nations, Interfor and Western Forest Products.

Our combined workload currently sustains an average of 50 local families and we work hard to provide continued employment for our workers.

We at Roc-Star Group pride ourselves on delivering each project safely, environmentally responsible and to our clients' satisfaction while employing "outside of the box" methods that set us apart from the rest.

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