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Road Construction


As our main line of work, we live and breath road construction and are considered the most experienced, safe and efficient road building contractor on the West Coast of British Columbia. To date, Star/Roc-Star has constructed over 400 km of new resource road and maintains several kilometers of road annually in some of the most unforgiving terrain in BC. Our crews are well-trained with decades of experience and our equipment is tailored to operate effectively in mountainous and rocky terrain.


Roc-Star also is capable to provide a full-phase solution for your road or access project including route planning, right-of-way clearing and road construction.

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Road Building

Client INTERFOR; Location Effingham Inlet

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Bridge and Culvert Construction


Roc-Star has installed hundreds of clear span bridge structures of various designs and spans (portable structures as well as permanent using local materials) as well as major culverts. Our crews are well-versed in working in and around fish habitat or other valuable resource features.

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