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First Nations

We at Roc-Star value our strong relationships we have built with our indigenous partners over the years and we strive to work hand in hand with indigenous businesses and workers on future projects. We believe that our indigenous partners and employees are a core component of our success as we continue to grow as a company. With a focus on working cooperatively and an emphasis on indigenous inclusion, we aim to ensure there are opportunities to work together in varying stages of our projects.


With the breadth of experience and services that we provide, there are varied opportunities for Indigenous peoples and businesses to be involved with contracting, supplying materials, services and potential training or employment opportunities. We believe that involvement of Indigenous peoples in our work is critical to helping us ensure our projects achieve high levels of environmental stewardship, cultural respect and heritage protection.

Roc-Star has worked with a number of Vancouver Island based First Nations on a wide range of projects ranging from forest resource development to hydroelectric generating stations.

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